Twelve Spectacular Days

What I worked on:

Art Direction | Design | Illustration | Motion Design | Brand

In lieu of an end of the year party for staff, we created a talent show called the "Shopify Spectacular". In 2021, we decided to fill the experience with more anticipation by turning it into an advent calendar format. Twelve Spectacular Days was comprised of twelve separate episode which aired one at a time over the course of twelve days and each day celebrated a new region of our support team.

For the Twelve Spectacular Days brand, I wanted to turn the global theme of our event into something magical. Visuals of a vintage night sky and clouds came to mind and with those, air balloons as a nod to the classic "Around the World in 80 Days".

For the illustrations of the Twelve Spectacular Days brand I wanted a more hand sketched look and so I moved away from vector based work and instead created the visuals within Procreate. Once finished, I would later bring them into After Effects to add motion.

At the heart of the Spectacular there was the talent show and because of this, we needed to have a stage. The stage was created pulling inspiration from the gilded era and the opening of its curtains acted as an intro to our performances.

All of the illustrative and graphic elements of our brand were brought together in an introduction sequence for each episode. Each episode had its own unique sequence and it allowed for us to tell the story of the event through the movement of a hot air balloon which made its way through each scene and later, each region that we'd be exploring in the episode.