My dad likes to tell people that I was born with a pencil or paintbrush in my hand. He prepped for me to be a fine artist, giving me the desk with the paints, the pastels, the expensive paper, but he was never more proud than when I shoved all of those things off of my desk with a sigh of despair soon followed by the words "I'm nothing but a cartoonist."

Turns out I was wrong. I was so much more than just a cartoonist, but what I was truly getting at was that I didn't like drawing things for what they were but rather, for what they could be. My house wasn't just a house, it was a witch's trove of herbs, and jewels, and books. The forest around us wasn't just a forest, it was where the faeries lived and you could reach them with letters shoved in a hole of the old rotting apple tree at its entrance.

A project isn't just a project. It can be so much more with the right creative approach and I can help get it there. I never look at a project for just what it is, but rather what it could be, and I do so with the following skills (I told you I was so much more than a cartoonist):

Collapsible content

Brand Identity & Strategy

For every event or project sent my way, I would first begin the process of exploring an identity. This process would culminate in the creation of a brand book, colour palette, font selection, and logo design.

Art Direction

While executing a brand, I ensure that every part of it feels intentional and cohesive from the communication to the physical design.


I've been drawing since I was a child and with the years I've spent creating collatoral for my events and brands, I've learned a great deal about what it means to tell a story through imagery.

Graphic Design

Working on graphic content for events has allowed for me to become very familiar with how users interact with imagery and how graphic design can aid in guiding a large group of people.

Motion Design & Video

Motion graphics have been at the heart of the events I've worked on for 4 years. Because of this, I've worked on all different forms of motion assets including fully animated introductions telling the story of our brands.

Tone & Narrative Story

With every brand I create, it's important for me to keep the authenticity of a brand's story alive as it is implemented. I do this by first creating a narrative and tone to be used as a foundation upong which I build a brand's visuals.

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