Support Summit 2022

What I worked on:

Art Direction | Design | Illustration | Motion Design | Brand

A Reintroduction to In-Person Events.

Support Summit 2022 was our first major in-person event post pandemic. After creating virtual events over the previous few years, I was able to take what I'd learned and apply it to a larger format while continuing to develop my physical design skills when creating branding for our venues.

For the first time ever, we decided to have our Support Summit theme jump off of the theme of LeadCon 2022 so that we could further enforce the messaging given to our leads.

Because our event had moved into a physical space, much of what I designed moved into the realm of printed goods. Large format printings like banners and column wraps were my new focuses as well as stage design. For each, I created 3D mockups so that I could fully visualize what the designs would look like in a physical space.

Once again, we were able to bring Support Summit as an in person experience to each of our support regions and because of this, physical branding had to be altered to fit each venue. Every venue came with their own set of branding restrictions and specifications, so I had to work closely with event managers to ensure that installation and tear down went as smooth as possible.

Though back in person, we still kept a virtual experience available to our attendees because we knew that some folks would not be ready to re-enter the event world. With this in mind, I wanted to keep the main show as interesting as possible, incorporating the suite of assets that I’d developed over the course of our virtual event offerings.

The screens used to display content at the event were in a 12:9 ration, meaning our main show content had to suit an extra wide format. Talk slides would also no longer take up an attendee’s complete view since moving from a virtual space to a physical one. Therefore designs had to be complimentary to the space around it rather than overpowering.

Motion yet again became an important addition to our main show. Rather than having the majority of our motion rely on animated assets, I incorporated a large amount of stock footage into our show, recolouring the footage to fit our aesthetic.

As we aimed to make merchants more of a focal point of our events, swag offerings grew and the format of how we gave out those offerings changed to that of a full store. Not only did this open up more opportunities for swag design, it also presented new challenges while designing the physical layout of the store itself.