Support Summit 2021

What I worked on:

Art Direction | Design | Illustration | Motion Design | Brand

A brand born from the infinite game.

A video game has the ability to stimulate our minds, captivate us, and transport us into another world. A well designed game takes us on a journey, where the main character has a mission and is set on a path to accomplish quests, work through obstacles, and persevere through difficult tasks. This is very similar to a merchant's journey when starting out a business and it is this connection that pushed me towards games as the direction behind the Support Summit 2021 branding.

Games are colourful and so naturally, I wanted to create a colour palette that was inspired by that fact. Bright primary colours were reminiscent of some of the earliest games like Tetris, Pacman, and Mario and so I built off of those to create a wide palette of primary shades that would allow for me to build the video game world of our event.

Motion graphics were a huge component to Support Summit 2021. You can't have video games without motion and so I knew that I would need to lean hard into all available opportunities to insert motion into our event. This included multiple different talk intro animations, animated placeholder imagery for our virtual portal, and gifs to be used throughout our event communications.

All motion graphics pulled inspiration from some key video games throughout history. Inspiration included games like Tetris, Zelda, Mario, and Donkey Kong.

For our mainstage presentation, an assortment of intros were used for the various segments aired. Merchants had their own unique intro with Speakers being variated on multiple different introduction graphics.

For our swag, I worked with an augmented reality studio to create another fully animated notebook cover. Our attendees would be able to scan a QR code on their phone which would allow for them to see their notebook come to life as the following animation.