Support Experience Brand

What I worked on:

Brand | Illustration | Motion Design | Product Design

As the offerings through our Support Experiences program grew, it was established that the program needed to have its own brand in order to keep things cohesive when creating posts and sending out communications to those within Support.

When thinking of the experiences that we offered, I thought about how each could exist as a solid memory for someone while working at the company. No matter how small, these events were some of the only touchpoints that employees had to create the connections that one would otherwise have made in an office environment. Because of this, I decided to treat each illustration as though it was a snapshot of a memory. Borders resembled polaroid photography and the program logo was made up of coloured squares both resembling those snapshots and the tiled format of the video meetings that we experienced on a daily basis.

Each offering had its own grouping of illustrations so that those on the team could pick and choose what graphics to use when building out their communications. Offerings included things like Book Club, Pen Pals, Social Hours, and Letters for Leads.

Letters for Leads was a bundled package of greeting cards that I designed for the leads in Support to be able to send to their team members on various occassions. Whether it be for a birthday, promotion, or just to say hello, I made the cards adaptable in hopes that they had a wide arrangement of applicable events. I worked with a printer to create the bundle on eco friendly stock and then had them shipped to a logistics warehouse where they organized sending each bundle out to leads taking part in the offering.