LeadCon 2022

What I worked on:

Art Direction | Design | Illustration | Motion Design | Brand

Looking to the sky

For LeadCon 2022, we wanted our leads to look at the changes that were to come in a positive light. For change is only natural and can be a beautiful experience. Some of the most beautiful periods of change that we witness in our world exist within the sky. It is because of this that the LeadCon 2022 branding pulls all of its inspiration from the sky and the two greatest periods of change within it: dawn and dusk.

Because both dawn and dusk can be painted in such varying colours, I created two separate palettes for LeadCon 2022. Palettes could exist together on their own or they could be mixed with each other as both were designed to be complimentary to one another.

Visuals for LeadCon 2022 were flat 2D imagery rooted in nature and depicting the stark contrasts of the silhouettes that would frame our changing skies. Motion was added to give life to the change.

Another lead character was created for LeadCon 2022 in the form of soaring light within the sky. Reminiscent of the glowing sprite from LeadCon 2021, this light carried on the metaphor that a lead can be the one to instigate and support a beautiful change within their team.

Motion graphic assets were created in the usual form of talk introduction and slide transitions but in an effort to continue evolving our main show offering, I worked with our leadership team to create new sort of transition. These transitions were designed using chosen quotes that are often used as inspiration by the team.

Swag was minimal at this event in order to direct budget towards one larger item for our attendees, purchased from one of our merchants.

However, in addition to our one large item, we wanted to continue with the tradition of giving one personalized item to our attendees in lieu of a badge. For this event, I created another coaster but this time in a ceramic form. Three designs were finalized and distributed to our attendees randomly.